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What's Up Moris ?

The 2nd Annual ALU Arts Festival

Pamplemousses Pamplemousses MU

From Sunday, April 22 2018 until Saturday, April 28 2018

African Leadership University
Arts Festival Description 

The 2018 ALU Arts Festival, themed, Afro Collisions, is the premier creative expression space where students and staff members of the ALU community, as well as other artists from Mauritius and the continent discover, develop and showcase art like never before.

What to look forward to? 

1. Flea Market: an open space for artists to share and monetize their art.

2. Makers sessions: 3hrs of intense, delivery driven, collaborative sessions for artists to work together and produce something at the end.

3. Learning labs: spaces for artists to discuss and share lessons on their artistic journeys

4. Mini showcases: 1. Film festival 2. Feminazi body art fashion show

5. Grand showcase: final festival, showcasing everything that the students have worked on throughout the week