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Hennessy Park Hotel - Tutto Italiano - A week of Italian cuisine

Ebene Ebène Plaines Wilhems District

From Friday, February 15 2019 at 08:30 am until Friday, February 22 2019 at 11:30 am

Starting on the feast of Lupercalia, Chef Thierry St Mart and Italian Chef Giovanni Mura have worked out a wonderful buffet for the whole week of the 15th to the 22nd February.

With Italian starters such as antipasti and zucchini tart, an assortment of Italian cold cuts and a cheese station to whet your appetite, you will enjoy the live cooking of pasta and relish some beef lasagna, braised lamb and roasted fish before embarking on a sweet journey with the desserts!

Available for lunch and dinner at Rs 790 per person.

Tutto Italia

Aubergine au four au basilic et fromage parmesan
Oven roasted eggplant with basil and parmesan

Antipasti aux légumes méditerranéen mariné à l'huile d’olive et citronnade à la menthe
Mediterranean seasonal vegetables antipasti marinated with olive oil and lemon dressing scented with fresh mint

Tarte aux courgettes gratinée à la chapelure de fenouille
Zucchini tarte gratinated with fennel crust

Salade d’ourite, pomme de terre nouvelle parfumé au cumin
Octopus salad with spring potatoes flavored with cumin seed

Assortiment de charcuterie /Assorted of Italian cold cuts
Salami, speck, bresaola, jambon de parme, jambon cuit
Salami, speck, bresaola, parma Ham, Pork ham

Servi de ses condiment, pain et focaccia
Served with homemade bread, focaccia and condiments

Assortiment de crudités et vinaigrette à l’italienne
Assorted of raw vegetables salad with Italian dressing

Assortiment de Fromage /Cheese station
Gorgonzola, pecorino, parmesan, fromage fumé et ricotta
Gorgonzola, pecorino, parmesan, smoked cheese and ricotta

Salade de fruits de mer à l’estragon et vinaigre balsamique
Seafood salad with tarragon and balsamic dressing

Foie de volaille façon Veneziana
Veneziana style chicken liver

Gaspacho de tomate à la menthe
Tomato and mint gazpacho

Soupe de courge et sauge
Butternut squash and sage soup

Devant nos clients/Live cooking
Pâtes fraîches à la minute/ fresh pasta minute

Tortellini ricotta et épinards
Stuffed tortellini with ricotta cheese and spinach

Pappardelle aux crevettes et haricots rouges
Pappardelle with prawns and red beans stew

Penne traditionnel à la carbonara
Traditional penne carbonara

Lasagne de bœuf gratiné au parmesan
Beef lasagna gratinated with parmesan

Agneau braisé aux mûres
Braised lamb with raspberry

Poulet à la valdostana
Valdostano style chicken

Poisson rôti au four au basilic, olive, sauce de tomate fraîche au vin blanc
Roasted fish with basil, olive, fresh tomato sauce and white wine sauce

Ragout de fruits de mer à la sauce arrabiata
Seafood stew with arrabiata sauce

Garniture/ Garnish
Risotto à la milanaise au parmesan
Risotto Milanese with parmesan cheese

Aubergine rôtie et sauce au persil
Roasted Eggplant with parsley sauce

Asperge à la sauce tomate et pecorino
Asparagus with tomato sauce and pecorino cheese

Panettone au chocolat et sabayon à la cannelle
Chocolate panettone with cinnamome sabayon


Panna cotta à la vanille
Vanilla panna cotta


Assortiment de fruits rouges au grappa
Assorted red berries with grappa

Ameretti et crème aux noisettes
Amaretti served with hazelnuts cream

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