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The Address Boutique Hotel - Absolute Abalone

Port Chambly Pamplemousses District MU

From viernes, marzo 15 2019 until sábado, marzo 23 2019

A seafood delicacy often referred to as the steak of the ocean, Abalone is tender, rich and evokes the smell of the ocean.

It is highly sought after by seafood lovers and connoisseurs around the world and is currently available at Izumi Teppanyaki.

Our Chef has concocted several à la carte options of Abalone and has even prepared a set menu for you.

As a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the discovery of something new or revisiting the unique taste of Abalone, join us for an Absolute Abalone adventure.

Bookings on 4053000. Available for lunch and dinner.

Closed on Sundays.